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These cookies are used to collect information on web sites and individual pages visited by users, both on our site and outside of it (which could indicate, for example, interest or other user characteristics). These cookies are used to provide advertising; relevant to your interests.

They are also used, in order to limit the number of times an advertisement, shown and to measure the use, effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Remain on the user to use the computer until you delete them and make use of reminders occurred visiting the web site. Furthermore, they can indicate if the user arrived use our website through an advertising link.

This information is shared with other organizations such as advertisers and our contractors, who may use them together with information on the procedures; the use of other web sites use the same user, for example by identifying common interests and behavior to different groups of users who visit our (and other) websites.

Below, for the main browser, the links to the help pages use cookies.
Internet Explorer

Technical cookies

The websites use services that simply do not work without the use of cookies and their removal would seriously jeopardize not only the user experience on the Web site, but also the ability to perform useful tasks.

This site uses cookies solely for technical:
Identify anonymously your browsing session and give the user the ability to add products to your cart and complete the check out of an order.
Remember the settings on the use of user-saved cookies.

Below is a list of the technical cookies.

Cookies analytics

The analytics cookies collect information on the use pattern of the user's Web site.
For example: what pages are visited and the errors that you may encounter. These cookies are completely anonymous and are used only to help this site to improve the operation of its website and to understand the interests of users.
This site uses analytical / statistical cookies to just get statistics on the use of its Web site and contribute to the improvement of the Web site by measuring the errors that occur. Sometimes, some of these cookies are managed on behalf of this website by third parties, but this site does not permit these third parties to use cookies for purposes other than those listed above. Below is a list of cookies that have been defined as Analytics.
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