Development Companies in Cape Town

Rosswebs one the top Development Companies in Cape Town have come a long way.
We do not only focus on visual interest, therefore we prefer to create user-friendly sites.
It is functionality, which above all is the prime concern for website developers.
The use of client-side technologies, as well as server-side technologies, is highly important for web developers.
Take a close look at some of the most important components, which website development companies in Cape Town use of to make your website user-friendly.

CSS or cascading style sheets.

Cascading style sheets or CSS used to be an effective markup language.

The motto or objective of using this language is to stylize web pages, which is in development with the help of HTML, XML, XUL, SVG as well as XHTML codes.
Web developers are highly meticulous hence the usage of Cascading style sheets.
The reason is with the use of CSS you can enhance the formatting of your site, add more flexibility to it, reduce complexity as well as improve presentation characteristics.


PHP happens to be a server-side scripting language.
With PHP, you can take a significant step in making your site more dynamic, interactive as well as user-friendly.
When it comes to integrating a wide spectrum of databases PHP serves the purpose efficiently.


.NET framework is very important in developing streamlined web apps.
This kind of a framework can offer great user interface, memory management as well as security to your site.
.NET enhances database connectivity, network communications, and cryptography as well as data access.
When it comes to the issue of efficient use of .NET framework web development Rosswebs indeed a trusted name.

MacFlashia flash

Macromedia flash increases database likewise integration as well as interactivity in a site.
If you have to make your site more interactive and enriched with sound as well as animation then you are going to find Macromedia flash as a reliable as well as a useful option.


XML is also known as extensible markup language.
With the efficient use of this particular markup, language you can encode a document in such a format that the document becomes machine readable as well as human readable.
With the use of XML, you can make your web pages simpler as well as more user friendly.


XHTML is a high precision markup language that enhances the looks and presentation and looks of your web pages.
Developers prioritize the use of XHTML codes to make your wAQZebpage compatible with all web browsers, enhance the download time as well as makes tour website search engine friendly.


MySQUL happens to be an effective open source database management system. It is highly useful when it comes to upsurge the database functionality of your site.

Java script

Java script is a light weight scripting language.
Web developers combine it with XHTML Documents and make your site more interactive for your visitors.
A website development company in Cape Town is efficient in implementing these technologies in a well-organized and effective way.
If you have a site of your own, and you would like to make it user friendly in the true sense of the term you can make it a point to touch base with professional web developers in Cape Town.

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